Iphone 12 Won’t Have a Charger?

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The rapid progress of technology causes many innovations to emerge. There is no clear information about whether the iPhone 12 smart device, which is one of these innovations, will include the charging slot. Although it has become a matter of curiosity by iPhone users how true or not this information is, according to the information obtained; The technology giant Apple rolled up its sleeves to remove the charging port for the iPhone 12 smart device, and the rumors seem to mess things up a lot.

The information that Apple, which has not yet come to a clear decision on this matter, has decided to remove the charger on the iPhone 12, is unfortunately not correct. It has prepared a special survey for its users only. In this survey prepared for iPhone users; He asked about the latest status of old chargers.

Is there an iPhone 12 charging slot? Will there be no iPhone 12 charger? Will there be no charger in the iPhone 12 box?

Will Iphone 12 Charger No More?
Will there be no iPhone 12 charger? We would like to say that it is quite early to answer his question. However, although the surveys and some rumors seem to suggest that the charger will be removed, we would like to say that there is no definite decision on this issue. Keeping up with many innovations, Apple has already been a matter of curiosity in what direction its decision on this issue will be. Some users find the decision to not have a charger with iPhone 12 right, while others; It decides to have a charger.

Different information was leaked in September, and many of this information still continues to be true. It has been determined that there will be no wired headphones in new devices, and this was normally welcomed by users, but for now; It is seen as a difficult situation to accept that there will be no charger. Although the accuracy of this information has not been officially announced, when the rumors are considered; We would like to say that it seems that there will be no iPhone 12 charger.

If it is a known fact; In 2021, the charging port will be removed, but for 2020, this seems like a very early decision. If you ask us, we would like to say that it is just a rumor. It is reported that the information on the agenda will be a USB-C and Lightning cable in the box.
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