How to Activate Night Mode on iPhone SE 2020?

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A few months ago, Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020 in the global market, and users have liked the phone since its debut, thanks to its cheap price and powerful features. The iPhone SE 2020 includes Apple’s newest A13 Bionic chip, which performs as well as the latest iPhone 11 series. The iPhone SE 2020 comes with the same camera lens as the iPhone 8 but takes pictures similar to the iPhone 11 as it contains the A13 Bionic chip. However, there is no night mode in the Camera App, even after getting Apple’s best chipset.
Therefore, users can download the NeuralCam app to fix the problem and switch to night mode on the device. NеuralCam is one of the best apps available when it comes to shooting in the dark. The app uses the AI ​​Solution on your device and allows you to capture brighter and clearer images in low light conditions. NеuralCam is specially designed for Night Mode and is compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 6 onwards, which means every iPhone user can get night mode support on their phone.

How to Install NeuralCam Night Mode Camera on iPhone SE 2020?

Step 1: Download NеuralCam from the App Store and make the payment using your preferred payment method.
Step 2: Run the NeuralCam app and tap the blue circle to take a photo. Make sure to keep your device steady as the image takes time to process.
Step 3: Apply the most suitable effect to the image and you are done. NеuralCam will save the photo for you.
While this is the basic method of taking pictures in Night Mode, users can also use manual mode directly from the App’s home page. When it comes to selfies, just switch to your front camera and follow the same method to take a picture.

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