Choosing the Right Charge Adapter for MagSafe

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MagSafе is a new technology that Apple first introduced in Mackbook Pro laptops. What should we do to choose the right charging adapter for MagSafe? As you know, we can benefit from Youtube, one of the popular social media platforms, in many areas. A YouTube channel called Zollotech showed which wireless charging adapter offers high speed by connecting chargers of different speeds and different brands to MagSafe.

The Apple company, which introduced its new smartphones, the iPhone 12, in the past days, also introduced MagSafe, the first wireless charger, together with the new iPhone models. The MagSafe model, which has a more interesting design than many wireless charging adapters, holds tightly to the device with the magnetic mechanism on the back of the iPhone 12 and you can continue to use your phone while your device is charging thanks to MagSafe. Although the MagSafe device is one of the most different products that Apple has introduced recently, it has a small flaw; It’s the charging adapter. When iPhone users buy MagSafe to charge their devices wirelessly, they have to purchase an additional USB Type-C charger.

If you say which charging adapter we need to get maximum performance from MagSafe, continue reading our article. The YouTube channel named Zollotech tested how fast the Apple MagSafe device is charged with which charger. Apple had reported that MagSafe would provide 15W fast charging during the launch. So, is this 15W fast charging valid for all chargers? According to the test made by Zollotеch, it is definitely not valid. Zollotech channel, during the charging adapter trial, took Apple’s new 20W charging adapter, the old 18W charging adapter, Anker 30W PowerPort Atom PD 1 charging adapter, 96W MacBook Pro battery 4/5 battery charging, 96W e 5W battery charger and 65W A battery charge. tried to charge the iPhone 12 Pro model by connecting the adapter to the MagSafe device.

Ideal Adapters
Apple 20W charger – 15W Power
Apple 18W charger – 13W Power
96W MacBook Pro charger – 10W Power
Anker 30W PowerPort Atom PD 1 charger – 7.5W-10W Power
Aukey 65W charger – 8W-9W Power
Pixel 4/ 5 chargers – 7.5W-9W Power
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra charger – 6W-7W Power

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