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Google is known for its free and open source products and services. The search giant has a never-ending list of services used by users globally to get information, manage businesses, and host personal content. Similarly, Google Calendar helps users manage their time, schedule tasks and remember things with reminders.

There are several advantages to using the Google calendar as the only schedule generator for your daily tasks. However, some privacy-related users are looking for alternatives to Google Calendar. We’ve made a list of the best Google Calendar alternatives below.

Simplе Calеndar

Simple Calender carries all the necessary features without any ads and annoying popups. The privacy, security and stability of the application is ensured by the fact that it does not need internet access. It supports 29 languages, exports and imports the event utility via .ics files, multiple event reminders, handy snooze option, and much more.


TimeTreе is a shared calendar platform with over 18 million users worldwide. Awarded as the Best App of 2015 in Apple’s App Store. The main feature of TimeTreе is the shared calendar feature, which allows multiple users to access and maintain the same calendar. It has the flexibility of reminders to every user in the group. Roles such as admin, members can be assigned to users for better maintenance.
Digi Calender Agenda
It syncs easily with major apps like Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange. Digi Calendar app offers great in-app accessibility with seven intuitive views including day, week, agenda, month, next month, list and year. Users can also use six different widgets to view the program at a glance.


The Jortе app is known for its customization ability. The application can be adjusted not only in appearance, but also in its functionality. Users can choose different types of events apart from color and font customization. One app for writing notes, scheduling and setting reminders and events.

Businеss Calеndar 2

Business Calender 2 supports synchronization with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and other popular services. The beautiful and intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate between different views. It also has a built-in appointment timer with drag and drop activities. It provides seamless event details with handy dialogs.

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