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We have compiled a few tips for you to shrink high-resolution images prepared in Photoshop and other illustration programs. With photoshop and two free internet sites, you can reduce the file size problem that aggravates and drives you crazy while uploading your work to the internet environment.

Especially in the images used on the internet sites, the file size can contribute to the faster opening of your site. No matter how good high-resolution images look, they can slow down your site or cause problems when you send an e-mail.

How to reduce file size with Photoshop?

After you open your image in Photoshop (For those who don’t know: File>Open), save your image again by saying File>Export>Save for Web (In older versions, it is located directly as File>Save for Web).

In the field that says JPEG, you will choose which type you want to save your file. If you choose JPEG, you are likely to reduce your file to an average of 20 to 100 kb. However, if you want it to be PNG and look high quality, you can mark PNG-8 and say Save directly without making any other adjustments. You can decide the area that says Medium according to the resolution of the photo. If you choose lower than Medium, the quality of your photo will decrease considerably.
Even if the program sets the quality setting to 30, it can slightly increase the quality of the photo in small steps to improve it. This completely depends on how much interest you have in the quality of the photo.
This field contains the format and size of your file to be saved. It says that when the image in the picture is saved in the same way, it will be 21.94KB.

The quality of the photo you will save in Photoshop varies depending on what kind of photo the person you send expects. For example, if you shrink an official document in this way, minor distortions may occur when printing. Or if it’s a graphic agency or a job delivery, sending it this way can get you in trouble. This method can be used for quick loading as a preview for unfinished tasks, usually in draft works. If it is a recommendation from us, a document you will send, you can save and send it directly by saving and selecting Photoshop PDF, keeping the “Optimize for fast web prеviеw” ticked.
How do you reduce the free file size without messing with Photoshop and reducing the quality of the picture?:

On the site where you
can reduce your pictures in JPEGmini JPG/JPEG file formats for free, you can reduce them without any difference in quality between the original version and the reduced version. By entering the address jpе, you can select your photo by saying “Upload photo” and download the reduced version again.
can only shrink your PNG photos on the site, which is the same with the TinyPNG JPEGmini logic. The site where you can shrink your PNG photos for free by entering the address can be very useful. Without forgetting, TinyJPG is available on the service as well as TinyPNG.

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