Windows 10 Will Now Warn Users If SSD Is About to Fail

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Microsoft periodically introduces new features to the Windows 10 SSD system, and now the company has confirmed that it will add a new feature that will warn users of failure. This will give users enough time to copy or backup their data to cloud storage.

NVMе SSD Drives

Introduced in Build 20266, the feature was made available to testers on the Development Channel with a new storage status monitoring functionality. This feature is specifically designed to work with NVMе SSDs. An aftermarket SSD may ship with utility software that monitors the health of an NVMе SSD drive, but Windows itself does not monitor the drive.

In this test feature, Windows 10 will add NVMе SSD drives to its monitoring processes and notify you if there are any malfunctions. If you then go to the Windows 10 Settings for Storage menu (Settings > System > Storage > Manage Disks and volumes > Properties), you’ll see that the SSD drive in question is listed as untrusted. In this case, it is recommended to back up everything.

If the drive is nearing the end of its usable life, the feature will give users a warning about the risk of failure. It also advises users to take a backup of everything on the drive to avoid data loss. The warning message will be linked to Properties in “Manage disks and volumes” in Settings.

From here, the user will be able to get detailed information about the SSD and the estimated remaining life.
The upcoming Windows 10 Build 20226 comes with an update to Your Phone settings and offers a hub for all connected devices. There are a few other changes and improvements and a few bug fixes.

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