What is Apple Translate and How to Use it on Your iPhone?

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Using Translate Offline and Supported Languages

Apple recently announced the latest iOS 14 update for iPhone users and detailed all the new features that will be available with the update released later this year.
We’ve already converted a list of the best new features in iOS 14, and one of those features is the new Apple Translate. As the name suggests, the app helps you translate similar phrases to other languages. Here we explain how Apple Translate works, which languages ​​it supports, which languages ​​it supports, and how you can get the app on your iPhone.

How to Convert Idioms?

It is quite easy to translate sentences in the newly launched Apple Translate app. You just say the words you want to translate and the app then converts it to other languages. When you open the application, you will see that it is divided into two parts. The subsection has a text input field where you can enter the text you want to translate. Alternatively, you can click the microphone icon and say the words for translation. Once this is done, the translated phrase will appear at the top along with the phrase in the original language. There is also a Play button that will play the audio version of the translated phrase when tapped.

Using Conversation Mode

When the Apple Translate app is open and you change the orientation of your iPhone from portrait to landscape, you can use the app in two modes. Conversation mode, as the name suggests, shows all the phrases that the app has converted. While the screen is showing the last phrase, you can go back to see the history and eliminate the need to repeat the action over and over for repeated phrases.

Using Apple Translate Offline

One of the important features in the Apple Translate application is the support for use in offline mode. If you have downloaded the language pack to your device, you do not need to access Wi-Fi or cellular data to use the app. When you enable mode or offline mode on the device, the app does all the work on your iPhone and is not connected to the network. This is good for those who are more concerned about security and privacy as everything on your phone is processed.

Supported Dealers

Currently, Apple Translate only supports 11 languages. If the use of the application meets the company’s expectations, we expect the company to support more languages ​​in the coming months. The list of supported languages ​​includes;


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