Things to Check Before Upgrading RAM on Your PC

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Do you really need to upgrade the RAM in your computer? RAM is one of the most important components in a modern computer, and it’s true, adding more RAM to your computer can have a huge impact on overall system performance.

However, this is not always the case, if you think you want to speed up your computer and you are planning to upgrade RAM to improve performance, consider these items before making your decision.

Check RAM Usage

Most people don’t know how much RAM is being used by the computer and it shouldn’t be a problem until they decide to upgrade the RAM. Before you go, you should check how much RAM your system is using and buy a new pair of RAM for your computer. If your system has a RAM shortage, that’s most likely the real problem, and upgrading is important.

Check RAM Speed ​​and Type

If you don’t know the types, it can be as easy and difficult as upgrading the RAM. If you somehow found RAM for your PC, check the type your motherboard supports. If your computer is old, it may be using old DDR3 RAM and buying DDR4 will not work. Since you want to get the latest RAM stick with a sweet deal, you will replace the whole motherboard.
If you’ve managed to get the supported RAM for your computer, the second thing you want to check is speed. RAM at 2400 MHz, 3,000 MHz or higher can be considered faster and results in noticeable improvements.

Check CPU Usage

One more thing you should check if you have upgraded the RAM. If you think your computer is running slowly, you should check CPU usage in Task Manager. When you find that your CPU is often heavily used but RAM is not, it means your system is using a low quality processor,

The CPU is weak or perhaps the culprit, not the RAM. Getting a new RAM with higher speeds shouldn’t bottleneck the system, also take a look at the CPU if it needs to be upgraded.

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