No Fonts Left for Those Who Don’t Learn Turkish

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If we all use a special font while using various graphic programs, and there is no support for Turkish characters in this fund, then we will solve the problems such as lines or punctuation marks in other fonts that will save the day. Well, if we want to use a special font in our writings in a website design, then what can we do. Naturally, in the text we use, “Job Clue” will be passed and our system will automatically use our capitalized letters. we are faced with an unpleasant picture.

As it is known, our application of special fonts to our websites with some applications becomes easy nowadays.

It is inevitable that we have beautiful fonts that are offered for free almost everywhere, but usually these free fonts do not offer Turkish support, so our web designs are also not very preferable in the graphic environment. Today, I want to talk to you about a program in which we can easily edit a font that has not activated Turkish characters according to ourselves.
Now let’s introduce our program, our program is called FontLab, the Turkish distributor of the program has been undertaken by MACROM company and they have done successful work to this day.

What is FontLab and what does it do for us?

It is a premium font editor designed to work on Windows and Mac platforms. If you want a desired font, you can redesign it from the beginning or you can easily edit it. It is effective on Turkish fonts, as well as supporting all world languages, in short, we can call it a great editor.

Although it may seem like an introductory article, I am sure that it will enlighten many people, you can get more information about the program for yourself. It will definitely help you to make the sites.

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