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Today we have prepared a review article about the online photo editor Fotor. First of all, I have to say that we are talking about a very functional vehicle. You can edit the photo you uploaded yourself, make edits on ready-made collages, and perform any action you want on ready-made designs (social media, blog, logo).
In Which Languages ​​Does Fotor Serve?

Traditional Chinese

Online Photo Editor Information About Fotor’s Services
Online Photo Editor Fotor Services
With Fotor, you can edit the photos you upload, create your own photos from existing collages, and prepare your works such as social media, blogs, logos online.

Fotor Photo Editing With the
Photo editing tool, you can do many operations such as cutting, mowing, painting, giving effects, framing. You can add text on the picture. There are dozens of different options for all kinds of editing options.

Fotor Collage Editing With the
Fotor collage editing option, you can make your own arrangements on the ready-made collage options and prepare quality images. There are dozens of different design models under the 4 different options in the picture above. You can adapt any of these models to yourself.

Fotor Creating a New Design With the
new design creation menu, you can create very different designs such as a logo, social media post, Youtube channel photo, blog image, as you can see above. You can also prepare ready-made ad images in dozens of different ad sizes.

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