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With the help of various 3rd party camera apps, you can improve the quality of your photos and select various editing tools that are not provided by your phone’s camera app. We’ve rounded up some of the best camera apps for your Android to give you a great selfie and capture the right moments on the go. Here are the best camera apps for Android;

Retrica is a photo editing camera application that can apply filters to the image before pressing the camera button. It has the ability to apply various effects in real time. You can choose from several presets, leaving your photo fully edited before pressing the shutter button. You can apply vignette borders, blur your photo using blur effects, or even take photo collage shots and share your creations among your friends on the social network.

Camera MX
Camera MX is a popular camera application used for capturing and editing photos and videos. It has an incredible feature called “Shoot The Past” mode, which allows you to capture photos that are difficult to take in active conditions. It lets you go back to the moments that happened just before you took the real shot. To make it simple for you, the app knows what happened before taking a photo to discover if you have any special moments missed before clicking. HDR, overlays, Lomo effect etc. It has many effects such as You can change a number of presets in the interface without even going into the settings.

Cymеra is one of the best camera apps you can find, and if you’re looking for a great app for capturing selfies, this is for you. Cymеra lets you take the best selfies and show your personality to your friends. Many features are available, such as live filters, 7 different camera lenses, editing tools, and automatic face recognition. Instagram is useful for lovers.

Camera 2
Camera 2 is an advanced camera application with real-time special effects that brings you better quality pictures and amazing videos. Besides special effects like comics, pencil sketches and vintages, you can apply more than 40 high-quality effects to your photo to give it a 20s to 80s look. The application contains all the necessary editing features, including ISO, white balance, HDR, focus.

Camera Zoom FX
Camera Zoom FX is loaded with features and settings. It provides a clear interface for interaction. There is a lot you can do as it provides a variety of filters. The application supports multiple shooting features such as burst shooting, fixed shooting and timed shooting. You can play with brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, HDR effect, ISO and much more. Camera Zoom FX comes with free and paid features.

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