5 Easy Ways to Find IMEI Number from Your Smartphone

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Contents1 Dial * # 06 # To Get IMEI Number2 Look At The Back Of The Phone3 On The SIM Tray4 Remove The Back Cover5 In The Box Packaging6 Phone Settings7 Finding IMEI Number On Android Devices8 Finding
IMEI On iPhones Get your phone’s IMEI number on another page If you want it for a purpose, we have collected different ways to get your phone’s IMEI number. The IMEI number can help you recover your lost device. Here are 5 easy ways to get the IMEI number from your smartphone.

To Get IMEI Number
Dial *#06# Perhaps the easiest way is to dial *#06# on the phone dialer and get the IMEI number. While dialing the code, a pop-up window will show the IMEI number. If your phone has dual SIM or triple SIM configuration, 2 or 3 different IMEI numbers will be shown respectively.

Behind The Phone Check the back of the phone. There will be a label or sticker or printed on the underside of the back. Usually found on the back of iPhones.
In SIM Tray
Usually, the IMEI number is printed on the SIM tray and in most cases you can find the IMEI number in the SIM tray. If you somehow can’t find it in the tray, you can choose to use the other methods we’ve shown.

Remove Back Cover
Smartphones these days have a built-in battery and therefore you cannot remove the back cover. However, there are still some phones that come with a removable battery. When you remove the back cover, you will find the IMEI number under the battery. Some phones have a removable back cover but don’t have a removable battery like the ASUS Zenfonеs, but if you look closely at the SIM slots, you can get the IMEI from there.

In Box Packaging
During the purchase process, there is IMEI information on the phone that came in the box you bought. Check the box packaging for the IMEI information.

Phone Settings
You can also find the IMEI number under phone settings.
Finding IMEI Number on Android Devices
If you are using Android, go to Settings -> About -> Status -> IMEI information and find the IMEI number.
IMEI on iPhones On iPhones, you can access the IMEI number from the settings. Open settings from the home screen, tap on General and go to About where you can find the IMEI number.
Go to Settings -> General -> About – IMEI

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