Android Tips: 4 Ways to Navigate Your Phone Faster

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The following four Android tips will help you streamline your overall Android phone acceleration so you can navigate your device and access your favorite apps, media and services faster and more efficiently.

Customizing Your Android Home Screens Customizing
individual home screen “pods” on your Android smartphone is one of the easiest ways to do it yourself and reduces the time it takes to access the apps you use most often. And you can move any app to any home screen pane.
To move an app either from your “app page” where all your Android software is stored, or from one pane to another, press and hold the app for a second or two until a colored shadow appears below it. If you are moving an app from your app page to a home screen page, you will return to the last home screen page you were on, just before switching to the app page.

Creating Home Screen Widgets for Favorite Apps
One of the coolest things about the Android operating system is that you never have to be able to use the various “widgets” or icons that sit on your home screen and display information, as you never have to open the apps. Widgets can save time and show information you might otherwise have missed.
To assign an Android widget to one of your home screens, simply press and hold an empty area on one of these home screens, that is, where there are no other widgets or apps. Next, select the Android Widgets option to access third-party app widgets.

Creating Android Home Screen Shortcuts for Favorite
Websites Just like you can create home screen widgets for specific apps, you can also create home screen shortcuts for your favorite Web pages, so you never need to start your browser and navigate to those pages.
To assign a custom Android shortcut to your home screen, go to the Web page you want to create a shortcut for, tap the Menu key to bring up additional options, and then select Other. Select the Add Shortcut to Home Page option on the screen below. A new shortcut will appear on the home screen pane you were last on for the Web page you selected, unless there is room for another shortcut, in which case you will be notified that you cannot fit in a new shortcut.

Quickly View and Switch Between Your Recent Android Apps
One of the best ways to quickly jump back and forth between frequently used Android apps is to hold your finger down on the Android Home Button for a second or two until a set of eight app icons labeled Recent appears on the screen.
Uninstall any of these eight apps by tapping their icons on its last page. The included apps vary depending on which ones you used recently. Keep following our site for Android phone acceleration processes.

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