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In addition to reaching the number of likes or followers you aim for in social media, there is no doubt that the right shares go through. However, the right sharing may not always get the attention it wants. Consider dozens of articles, pictures, videos that do not even catch your eye while navigating the Timeline. In channels where so much content is shared, your posts should stand out and attract the attention of people who do not find it worth browsing and clicking. Today we’re going to talk about a free app that will give you exactly what you want: The app is called Canva.

What is Canva? What does it do?

Canva is a graphic creation and editing app. However, this definition is a bit insufficient to explain what this application can do. Because what you can do is much more than just editing a picture. To better understand Canva; you can think of it as a Photoshop that is less complex, can be used by everyone, is free and works with drag and drop logic. Moreover, it allows creating very different ideas thanks to more than 8000 ready-made templates and millions of pictures offered for free.

How to Use the Canva App

There are two basic working principles in Canva. If you have a clear idea in your mind and want to bring it to life, Canva gives you a blank white page. Then, you bring the project in your mind to life by adding pictures, shapes, texts and frames through the menus that open. In addition to the images installed in the application, you also have the freedom to use the images on your phone if you prefer. Usage is very practical, you just have to drag the items you want to be included in the chart you have prepared and drop them wherever you want. Then, it is possible to change its color, size, shape and image as you wish with small touches.

The other option is to use one of the more than 8000 ready-made templates available under the “Templates” title within the application. For this, the first thing you need to do is to choose what the graphic you are preparing will be used for after entering the templates tab. Here you will see options such as Instagram story, Instagram post, Facebook cover, Facebook post, which are social media content. Under these headings, you will see ready-to-share templates prepared in exactly that size. Of course, templates aren’t just for social media use. Invitations, business cards, résumés, flyers, photo collages, posters and dozens of other options that I can’t count.

Of course, using these templates directly is not the most logical thing to do, because these are data open to millions of users. What you need to do is quite simple: After you determine a template you like, you will see a fully editable preview. On this preview screen, you will notice that almost everything that catches your eye in the visual is editable. You can click anywhere you want and recreate the text or image, change its color, or remove it completely if you do not want it to be included in the image you have prepared.

Just Imagine!
For example, in the example below is a template offered to you for free by the bear official app that says something on a red background. If you want, you can change the background color from red to blue in this template, change the content of the bear’s speech box, or even replace the bear with a different animal. So what you can do is truly unlimited and free. Everything is entirely up to your imagination.

In another sample template, there is the night sky and some texts on a pale background. If you want, you can put that text up instead of down, change the font style and size, and even bring the picture to a more lively tone while you’re at it. You will be able to create truly amazing images and posts.

The most distinctive features that distinguish Canva from its peers are the sense of freedom and ease of use it provides. Because the limit of what you can do in Canva is as wide as your imagination. Moreover, all you have to do to turn your imagination into reality is to find a template similar to the picture you have in mind and start working on it. The rest is as easy as dragging and dropping. If you want to review all its features in Turkish, we leave the link below.

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