Mirroring Mobile Phone to Android TV Screen

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Have you ever wondered how to mirror your smartphone screen to your Android TV? If you want to watch this episode on the big screen or show the photos to a large group on TV, or maybe just play a game, mirroring your smartphone to the Android TV screen is very important.

If you have an Android TV, you can easily cast content from your smartphones, tablets or laptops to your TV. Before you start learning how to screencast from your smartphone to your TV, while your TV must support Miracast or a similar protocol, few Android TVs support a built-in Chromecast or Miracast. Here is the method of mirroring to the Android TV screen;

How to Cast Your Phone’s Screen to Any Android TV

Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi and connect the same Wi-Fi to the TV. Make sure both your Android smartphone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
On your TV, go to Settings -> Network and enter the Miracast or Screen Mirroring option. Sometimes it is listed in the Apps themselves. Some Android TVs don’t actually need any settings, you can start looking for the TV to cast on your smartphone.

Launch the Settings on your smartphone and enable the Wireless Display option. It can be found under Wireless Connections or Other Network connections. You can search for Cast or Wireless Display in settings to find the mirroring option.
When you find it, open it and let it search the TV to cast the screen. Select your Android TV from the list to connect.

Alternatively, you can use the notification shade to select Cast Screen or Smart Share (for Samsung devices). After a few seconds, your Android phone’s screen will appear on the big screen.
Select Broadcast -> Disconnect on your device to stop broadcasting. If your phone has a switch, also turn off the Wireless Display. That’s all, instead of watching the content on the small screen of your phone, now watch it on a big TV. This obviously needs an Android device, not iPhones. It also works for Android tablets.

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